PARTICOLARI reaffirms its commitment to equal pay and the end of the gender gap

Since 2020, September 18 has been referred to by the UN as Equal Pay Day. Established by international labor standards, the principle of equal pay for activities of equal value should be respected by all - but we know that wage equity is, unfortunately, still far from becoming reality.

The gender pay gap is one of the most visible injustices: Worldwide, women earn around 20% less than men in equal jobs and have 30% less chance of entering the labor market. According to the latest report from the International Labor Organization (ILO), the health crisis that began last year has aggravated the situation even more, disproportionately affecting female workers who have lost much more wages than men.

We, at Particolari, reaffirm our commitment to equal pay and the end of the gender gap.

The company has a purely female concentration: 95% of our workforce is represented by WOMEN! Far exceeding the national average for the number of female employees working in the companies, here women are not only our customers, but the main pillar of our corporation. At Particolari, female workers carry out all professions without any gender differentiation, proving that the protection of women's rights and female empowerment is part of our corporate culture.

All people are unique and Particolari supports and enhances female talent, promoting equity and gender inclusion in the company in order to allow professional growth to all its employees in a fair and equitable way.

And not only! Since 2005, Particolari has raised funds through many initiatives and has obtained more than 250,000 euros for actions in favor of women.

Particolari is with you in the fight against pay disparity.

Let's work together to put an end to this inequality!

Support us. Support yourself.

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