The cold season has arrived… days are getting colder and shorter and you don't feel like sticking your nose out the door...

But with the right outfit, even a late November day can give you some pleasure, especially in a difficult time like the one we are experiencing nowadays.

So let's discover together our selection of soft and fluffy garments that can make you feel pampered and spoiled this Christmas.


By wearing a soft fabric cape, you can give a different accent to your outfit, even if you must stay indoors.

Available in a wide variety of designs and colours, from brown and black spotted print to grey zebra pattern, our capes can be used for both day and evening looks. And by adding a nice double buckle belt and matching accessories, such as necklaces, earrings and bracelets, your outfit will be complete; no one will be able to take their eyes off you, inside and outside the house, not even your cat.

But if you don't like belts because you think they make your curves stand out too much, then you can think of wearing a leatherette mini bag belt instead, in which you will find all the things you are looking for: your keys, favourite lipstick, some money and, why not, even a bottle of hand sanitising gel that can’t never hurt anyone these days. We also recommend you should always pay attention to how you match different colours and patterns; fashion goddesses may become furious if they see you combining different animal prints. The LESS IS MORE rule should apply here; say no to exaggerations, say yes to plain elegant outfits.

But what should we wear if we are not allowed to stay outdoors!? In this case too, capes can be really helpful; you can think of wearing them over a jumpsuit or your beloved fleece pyjamas, so that you can stay warm without giving up feeling fashionable. Who knows, maybe the man of your dreams will knock on your door as our PARTICOLARI courier!?


Poncho is certainly the most worn and versatile piece of clothing.

It can in fact be used either as an accessory to complete a look or as an apparel to be worn alone, perhaps on those less cold days.

Here too, you will be spoilt for choice. Elegant floral embroideries, optical zebra and zigzag prints, strong accents of fuchsia, blue and red and more sober shades in black and grey... in short, there is really an option for every taste!

But what makes ponchos garments so loved by women of all ages? Well, certainly the reasons are many.

First of all, they protect and keep wamr our body, even those parts that are usually more exposed to the cold temperatures such as our neck for instance. Moreover, they are made in soft fabric and are practical garments, since they can also be worn over a leather jacket and take up little space in comparison with winter coats.

Also for ponchos, our autumn-winter collection includes a wide range of matching jewellery, accessories and bags that let you create personalised styles in line with the latest fashion trends.

And what team are you!? Team cape or team poncho?

Let’s move on now to the new entry of this 2020 season.

Cruella De Vil was a fur fanatic, we at PARTICOLARI prefer faux fur instead.

A fabric that imitates animal fur, faux fur is endowed with excellent properties, among which we list the softness to the touch and the ability to protect from the cold temperatures; moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, faux fur garments give as the same elegance as the one of a real fur, while protecting our four-footed friends’ lives.


Within our selection of faux fur apparel for autumn-winter 2020 season, we find also boas.

Trendy and elegant accessories, boas will enhance any kind of outfits. All you need to do is to choose the patterns and colours you prefer and go wild with combinations, while always respecting the rules of fashion.

Say yes to combinations of spotted patterns and neutral colours such as brown, black, white and beige.

You will, instead, have more freedom with embroidered roses or double face versions. The former can be combined with a more casual look for the day and a more glamorous one for the evening, perhaps enriched with rhinestone earrings; the latter, thanks to the double design in faux fur and Prince of Wales print, can be worn in combination with a dress featuring the same pattern for a more elegant look or, alternatively, with a pair of jeans and a shirt for a less refined outfit.

Last, but not least, here they are the must haves of the season par excellence.


This section is definitely an earthly paradise for those who are in love with low temperatures and outdoor walks in the freash air or in the mountains.

As for hats, you will be spoilt for choice, not only in terms of colours and patterns, but also in terms of fabrics and types.

Colours and motifs range from spotted, zebra or monochrome prints to rhinestone, flower, sequin, pearl and bow details. We also have berets, hats with or without visor, velvet, felt, wool, corduroy or chenille hats.

Let’s not forget about headbands; soft to the touch, these hair accessories are available in the most popular animal prints of the year and can be used to create coordinated total looks and keep your hair in place.

The collection of scarves and gloves also leaves plenty of room for imagination, so that you can create the perfect winter outfits to keep you warm and pretty. Chenille, velvet, suede, glossy leatherette, with faux fur cuff details: these are just some recommendations on how you can protect your hands from the cold.

The pom poms are back in vogue, as details suitable both for teenagers and adult women: indeed, with their softness they never tire, on the contrary they also act as perfect anti-stress gadgets for those who are working from home.

This is the end of our guide to 10 and praise winter looks. Which one do you prefer?

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