This year Christmas comes earlier! The countdown to the most heartfelt celebration of the year has officially started and we at PARTICOLARI have thought of coming to the rescue of those who are at the mercy of circumstances and have not yet decided what kind of presents to buy for their loved ones.

We have therefore thought of drawing up a list of advice on the perfect gifts for friends, relatives, cousins, grandparents and partners...even FROM AFAR. On the other hand, as a popular saying states,

if Mohammed will not go to the mountain, the mountain must come to Mohammed" That is why, even in a world where interpersonal contacts and movements have known boundaries, it is still possible to show the people we love that we have spent some of our time thinking about them. And if it is true that big family celebrations and gathering are to prevent, it is not forbidden having gifts delivered directly to our loved ones’ houses. Indeed, to buy a gift online including gift wrapping and personalised greeting cards is a great way to overcome the limitations that are affecting cities and counties nowadays.

It is never too early or too late to start thinking about the right Christmas gift!

Usually people are divided into two main groups: those who are very punctual and buy presents very early, perhaps taking advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Mid Season sales, and those who are late comer

to the very last minute, crowding into shops and shopping centres on the afternoon of December 24th in search of the perfect gift.

Here is the handbook signed PARTICOLARI with some of the best tips to follow in order to find the perfect present. The number one rule to always keep in mind is to NEVER REUSE A GIFT!

The person who will receive it may realise it was a last-minute fallback, especially if the item features personalised details or, even worse, unwanted cards, and therefore be disappointed. Second rule to follow: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE VERY LAST MINUTE, and buy unreasonable gifts that may not fit well either with the personality or the tastes of the person we care about.

Obviously, when looking for a gift, there are several factors to take into account: first of all the budget, followed by the age of the recipient and their personal tastes.



If you are not sure about what to buy women for Christmas, then you are in the right place.

Know that they pay a lot of attention to nuances and details, so your gift will have to be calculated in every small detail.

What about, then, a velvet dress, maybe enriched with pearls? Who does not love velvet after all! Soft to the touch and elegant to the eye, it is versatile and can be worn both for Christmas lunch and New Year’s Eve dinner. Especially if it features chic white pearl details! Otherwise, if we are looking for something less flashy, we can choose a patterned jersey minidress with floral print and round neckline which, thanks to the decorative belt, highlights the waist.

Also ideal for the winter season are ponchos and capes: thanks to the soft material of which they are made, they can be used both as accessories for a total look and as clothing options for home life.

And for those who prefer to buy less risky; items, we recommend going for bags, belts, necklaces, earrings, rings, hats, scarves, gloves and other accessories.

But be careful: if you decide to give a bag as a gift, you must be aware of the use the woman who receives it as a gift will make of it. For a dynamic woman who loves practicality, either a crossbody or shoulder bag may be the right choice. If, on the other hand, our gift is for a lady who loves style and elegance, then a handbag or bowling bag will be her must-have piece. Instead for those women who are always in a hurry and have to split their time between home, work and family, a shopping bag might the most suitable solution. Comfortable and capacious, it will not represent an encumbrance, rather a benefit. When our target are girls struggling with the life of a metropolitan city, pochettes, clutch bags, minibags and fanny packs are just what they may need: the small size and practicality will serve as tricks to survive the thousands of urban adventures. Lastly, there is the backpack, also a very useful and multifunctional product, suitable for women of all ages. Lets’s not forget, however, that age is only a number in any case for which, at the end of the day, there is no perfect gift except the one that fits the character of the person for whom it is intended.

Let’s come now to jewelry: everybody knows that jewels are women’s best friends and, just like first love, those that strike our sight can never be forgotten. That is why pearl, multichain, with faux stones and rhinestones necklaces, bracelets and rings come to our aid; they can be given as a gift themselves or in combination with either scarf and a hat, a pair of gloves, a belt or a set of earrings. Brooches, key rings, mirrors and small leather goods are also common gift ideas. On the otherhand, perfumes, glasses and make-up products are to avoid as they are too personal and subjective.


Let’s talk about perfect men gift ideas now; don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you!


If the choice of the perfect gift for a woman is just around the corner, the same cannot be said for a man.

Every year it is the same story, “What should I get?”. Do not lose sleep over it my friend, the range of possibilities is wide and we can lead the way.

Men tend to be more pragmatic than women, so our advice is to choose items that can be useful in their everyday life, both at work and at home. Leather or faux leather belts, wallets and key rings could be options to take into account. Otherwise, for those who usually make use of them, you could also think about buying a scarf or hat in soft fabric and, for lovers of the more classic style, a nice borsalino to match with a matching tie. A fancy bow tie could also be the ideal choice for younger people.

In recent years, then, there has been a growing tendency to give shoulder bags and clutches to men as well. Fashion is undergoing a big change and, like the world itself, is opening up to new horizons, breaking down walls and prejudices. In this sense, in fact, the category of bags, pieces that have always been considered as purely feminine, has now been extended and adapted to the male universe as well, offering those who are in need of it, the possibility to use a versatile product suitable for all occasions. And for the more workaholic; ones, why not think about buying a backpack with a few compartments, tablet pocket and padded and adjustable shoulder straps? When it comes to men, we also highly recommend that you

should avoid perfumes and other accessories which are considered too private.


But what to do if you have no idea what to buy the other person?

Don’t panic, even in this case we are here to help you.



Gift cards are an excellent idea, as they will release you from the weight of multiple choices and, above all, will allow the person who receives them to spend the value of the voucherbuying the one thing they most desire. You will decide the amount to load on the card and the shop where it can be used, but it will be up to the other person to decide how to spend that money. The advantage? The one receiving the gift card will have the possibility to buy one or more items of their choice when and how they prefer; most gift cards, in fact, are valid for one year or, in particular cases, for a more limited period of time, and many of them are also rechargeable. This will allow you to save time in choosing the perfect surprise and, at the same time, to go without fail: no more awkward silences or forced smile when it is time to unwrap Christmas gifts!

Lastly, we want to conclude our guide to the perfect gift with one more important recommendation, that is to always include a gift receipt inside the package as well as to keep a copy of the payment receipt yourself in case an exchange might be needed.

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