In the new FW 2021/2022 collection, Particolari proposes a reinterpretation of this continuous and eternal trend:

DENIM, an essential evergreen!

Comfortable and durable, denim is a timeless classic. Originating as workwear, jeans spread when Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis created "pants with rivets" which featured pockets and main reinforced with metal rivets, making them more resistant to tearing caused by work tools. Produced worldwide, the Levi's 501 model became trendy already at the end of the nineteenth century.

However, jeans were not an American creation, but are one of the first classics of authentic Italian fashion. The name jeans derive from "Gênes", the term used by the French to name the city of Genoa, from where it used to load the fabric characterized by the white diagonal weft and the blue warp came out.

On the other hand, the word denim referred to the fabric made directly in France which, to differentiate itself from the Italian one, was called “De Nîmes”.

Originally done in indigo blue, over the years, the fabric has blowout from the miners and farmers wardrobes to the heart of the fashion and the Hollywood star's style. Worn by everyone, it has become a must have. The jeans are continuously reinvented and revised, always presenting new styles and trends.

In this Fall / Winter collection, Particolari presents a line of dresses and accessories in denim-effect material, which combine versatility with style, ideal as allies of unusual and trendy style!

In the FW21 collection, Particolari named this eternal trendy as Tristana

and proposes an amazing total look in jeans.

Here are some look ideas for you!

Shirt dress in blue denim-effect material, longer at the back and shorter at the front.

A trendy classic! It can be worn alone or tightened by a belt at the waist, combined with simple low sneakers or rain boots or why not with ankle or calf elegant boots...

Denim shoulder bag

With flap decorated with needlework and closed with magnetic button. Chic, elegant and refined, versatile and perfect for every look! It is not a simple jeans bag... its details will make the difference!

Backpack in denim effect material

With flap decorated with embroidery and closed with magnetic button. Comfort and style wherever you go!

Is your waist your strong point?

Highlight it with the jeans effect belt from the Tristana line. With metal buckle, loop and tip decorated to add a folk & boho touch to fluid dresses or printed minidresses. Also perfect to give character to the most minimal dresses or combined with leather jackets and high pumps with stiletto heels. The particular buckle will add a touch of style to pants lovers too!

And you? Which do you prefer?

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