According to the rules of bon ton, women can wear turban hats or headdresses wherever they go, with the exception of theaters or cinemas but unfortunately this winter they will not be popular destinations ....

Hats are a Winter's Must Have, coordinated with the look, they are accessories as fashionable as useful for protect the head and ears from the cold. They can be weared any time, on cold mornings to leave the house and go to the office or take the children to school, hats can be weared for a walk in the open air or for have shopping time in the city. There are many opportunities to wear hats and there are many Particolari's proposal for Winter 2021's hats.

Cloche in pink chenille with pearl decoration, a romantic hat made in pastels colors, perfect to give a feminine printing to your look.

The hat with contrasting strap, a classic hat, born for man now it's often used by women, to be worn immediately in any warm-colored look.

The classic and traditional wool cap in a "precious" interpretation that use pearls to make the hat one of the most chic hat of the season.

The chenille bucket hat with fringes, the luxury version of the typical fishing hat. It's perfect to follow the last trends of Winter fashion and style. Particolari propose it in two colors.


Ready, Hat, Go!

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