Particolari joins the fight against female cancers

October is the month dedicated to information and prevention of female cancers, especially breast cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the female population in Italy according to the AIOM report "I numeri del cancro in Italia 2020".

The so-called Pink Month aims to raise awareness among women on the importance of early diagnosis and unites companies and public authorities in order to support the investment and financing of initiatives that contribute to the prevention and development of more effective treatments.

This is a cause that PARTICOLARI really cares about. We are a female company, with more than 95% of women in our team, which creates and produces products for women.

And that's why we couldn't stay out of this important campaign.

Throughout the month of October, PARTICOLARI will donate 1€ of each pink item purchased to associations for the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. Almost 40 products are included in this important initiative, including bags, wallets, clothing, jewelery and other accessories.

In Pink October Particolari the watchword is


Take part in the campaign and contribute to the treatment and prevention of breast cancer!



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