More experienced buyers arrive at the appointment with clear ideas about their wishlist and the strategy to adopt to purchase the object of their desires at a super advantageous price. It is not uncommon, however, that at the stroke of the big event you are completely unprepared and confused about what to do and in the worst case scenario you decide not to buy anything. To prevent this from happening, during the promotional period we will offer you a guide to the winter sales that will suggest you how to go hunting for bargains.

First, make a list of priorities.

What do you need most? What can't you just give up for your daily life?

You will most likely need a cape that is comfortable, warm and versatile. Worn alone or over your favorite jacket, you will be well covered and very cool.

If you wish, choose a belt to define the waist and lengthen the figure.



Much loved by mothers because it has no sizes, it lends itself to various body shapes and covers a baby bump even in the ninth month of pregnancy without problems. You wrap it around your torso and it protects you from the cold just like a coat. To go out shopping and run your small errands you will need a large, practical and trendy shopping bag like Serenella.  

Also available in the black variant, it is a trendy and indispensable accessory.

If you are a fan of mini bags, we suggest the Samoa quilted shoulder strap, an essential model with reduced dimensions for only 15.95 euros.



And to go to work? What are the most comfortable models?

The need to carry the PC almost always has changed the dimensions, shapes and materials of the bags useful for work. Backpacks, shoulder bags, trunks, laptop cases, the model should have a padded structure and many compartments in order to contain, in addition to documents, the agenda and obviously the laptop, even a small beauty case for small adjustments.

You will be able to take advantage of the same discount percentage on wallets, consider if it is necessary to replace the one you currently have.

What if you want to get yourself a gift?

They are there, our beloved jewels to make you happy and extremely feminine.

In the next appointment we will guide you on what to buy for your special occasions

Stay tuned and happy shopping!


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