January came and brought along the beginning of a new year as well as the of a new lifestyle.

The habits of millions of people were upset: outdoors activities were confined within the domestic and the sense of sociality was limited to smaller and smaller groups.

In a situation of such general chaos, fashion style trends have also undergone revolutions and have been rediscovered in a new perspective: that of Smart Working.

But Smart Working doesn’mean flannel pajamas, polka-dotted socks, hair tied in a messy bun and dark circles as deep as the bottom of the third cup of coffee we have drunk during the day. Even working from home deserves to be given the right importance and, above all, we working women have the obligation to give ourselves the worth we deserve, even when we are working from our living room.

In fact recent studies have shown that following the daily beauty routine can really help people to increase their sense of satisfaction and gratification; let’s say yes to face and hair masks, small costume jewellery accessories, comfortable and casual clothes and, why not, even to a drop of makeup. Who knows, maybe your boss or colleagues might need you and you won't have to lie about the interet connection not working properly.

That's when a list of small but valuable look tips come to aid, which will allow you not only to always show off a nice and chic look, but also and above all to feel more energetic and gritty.

But let's start talking about clothing. For a day's work from home, we recommend wearing soft, not too tight-fitting clothes: maxi dresses, velvet dresses, wide trousers, jumpsuits, wide sweaters, cardigans, blazers (short or long, it doesn't matter; what’s most important is that they are made of an elastic fabric), single-colour leggings, capes and faux fur ponchos; these are the most popular autumn trends for Smart Working days.

And what about shoes? Don't worry, heels will no longer be a problem! You can finally rediscover the beauty of keeping "both feet on the ground". Trainers, ballerinas and mules are the most suitable choice.

Now let's move on to the glamorous touch: jewellery. In this case, a lot depends on your habits. If you are used to wearing accessories, it is your sacred right to keep wearing them as if you were in the office, at the café with your friends or on the street. Pearl earrings, flower pendants, earrings with rhinestones, circles, diamonds, are all possible options. Even necklaces with pendants or small stone details could complete your outfit.

Finally, you can get your hair to stay in place, even the unruly ones, with headbands and hair grips.

We recommend that you keep your handbag on hand at all times; whether it's a clutch bag, shoulder strap or shopping bag, it should never be missing from your desk and should definitely be packed with cards, mask, hand sanitizer gel and other objects. When the working day is done, it’s time for you to run to the mall and fill the shopping cart with delicacies and bottles of wine ahead of the weekend.

Let's not forget about the new trend of casual handbags for laptop, unique and versatile pieces that allow you to be fashionable even when you are working. Make homeoffice as the one you have at work!

We all know change is scary, but most of the time the best things come from change. With this new era we have rediscovered ourselves as either working women and housewives, online students or long-distance lovers; yet, everything that seemed frightening a few months ago, it didn't stop us from starting again. Braver than before, more beautiful than before.

We took some time off, some time to start over, to think about what really matters for us.

That's what this difficult period was all about: it helped us understand that, the greatest beauty is the one lying in the small PARTICOLARI of all things. That is called uniqueness. 

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