Since 1998, the Company Fenice Srl, headquarter of Particolari ® Group, in San Salvo(CH), proposes, through its development project, the franchisee in the world of Fashion.

Founded in 1998 in Abruzzo, Particolari achieve its success thanks to: DonaTella Ranni, a creative artist, she has a genius for translate the rising styles in fashion phenomenon; Antonio Di Petta arrived from the business activities, he has an important experience, he is able to analyses the specifics social context of different Italian regions. The Company was launched at the right time: the important international brands was popularizing their styles in the world market. To ladies and men, that love to be trendy and fashionable, Particolari offer the possibility to give one’s personal signature to their styles by means of fashion accessories. At the moment, the Company has more than 80 shops in Italy and abroad. Particolari has a succesfull story. The reason? Many. Principally, the holders believed in the prominence of fashion accessories, they created and presented accessories as capital items custom-made for every live style, to come to have a reliable and common Know how. Presently Particolari has a strong network, it will grow up capillary. The company directly manufactured its accessories, proposing the latest fashion. Particolari employs human resource in fashion research and creativity activities. The brand is pernickety, offering first class. Particolari is able to marvel people, it can predict the trends. Particolari is a reference model, it is glamour icon, skilling to translate the contemporary wishes, it represents a obtainable dream. Particolari offer right an proper fashion accessories, for competitive prices.