Who we are

The wonderful story of Particolari was born in 1998 when the first boutique opened in Abruzzo (Italy). 
Antonio Di Petta and Donatella Ranni (the founders) were a young couple of entrepreneurs in love with the world of fashion and accessories, full of passion for the world of fashion and all its nuances, all elements that have characterized the philosophy from the beginning. of the Particolari brand.

Particolari was born as a multi-brand and then quickly became a single-brand franchise, a unique and exclusive destination where to complete your looks with fashion accessories at competitive prices.

A universe made of moods, passion, contaminated by styles and trends. This is the Particular world. A brand present throughout the national territory, with over 100 points of sale!

Throughout Italy the brand is recognized for its unique and distinctive identity, refined details that give true style experiences.

Particolari is not just a fashion accessories shop

At Particolari we have been committed for over 25 years to select, mix, experiment to offer our customers unique and exclusive fashion accessories because bags and accessories tell the character of the wearer and give a touch of personality to every look.

Essential accessories that define style!

Whether they are jewelry, watches, hats or scarves, glasses or belts, there is no woman who does not use at least one of these accessories or who wants to give them up!

Particolari offers ideal accessories for every occasion coordinated with each other for a complete total look for every woman who wants to stand out!

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